Banoffee Pie


  • Plain Biscuits: 210 gram [2 packs]
  • Unsalted Makhan (Butter): 85 gram [soft]
  • Caramel sauce: 1 tbs
  • Whipping Cream: 1 cup [chilled]
  • Vanilla essence: 2-3 drops
  • Caramel sauce: 1 cup
  • Kaily (Bananas): 2-3
  • Coco powder: 1 tsp [optional]


Step 1: Add Biscuits in a chopper and chop well. Add Unsalted Makhan (Butter) and again chop till it is properly mixed.

Step 2: Add and spread the Biscuit mixture in a Tart pan. Make an even layer of it with raised borders/edges.

Step 3: Let it sit in the fridge for 20-30 minutes.

Step 4: Whip the cream till soft peaks are formed. Add Vanilla Essence, Caramel sauce to the whipped cream and mix till it is properly mixed.

Step 5: Spread Caramel sauce on the biscuit base. Make a layer of Kaily (Bananas) on the sauce. Top it with Whipped cream.

Dust Coco powder on top and serve chilled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use ready-made caramel sauce?


What else can I use instead of Bananas?

You can use Apples or Pears instead of Bananas.

Can I use salted Butter?

It is better if you use unsalted butter but you may use salted butter as well. I you use salted butter then make sure that the caramel sauce is unsalted.

What types of biscuits can I use?

Marie biscuits, Graham crackers, and Digestive biscuits.

Why is the base of the pie is not setting properly?

If you face this issue, add more butter to the mixture and try setting the base again.