Ras Malai


Doodh (Milk)1¼ kg
Sabz elaichi (Green cardamom)5-6
Condensed milk½ tin
Khushk doodh (Dry milk)1 cup [level]
Anda (Egg)1 small
Maida (All purpose flour)1½ tsp [level]
Baking powder1 tsp [level]
Ghee/Oil1 tsp
Badam (Almonds)for garnish


Step 1: Cook Milk at medium flame till the boiling point is reached. After that, bring the flame down to low and cook for almost 20 minutes. Stir in between.

Step 2: Add Khushk doodh (Dry milk), Maida (All purpose flour), Baking powder, and mix. Add Ghee and mix.

Step 3: Gradually add the Egg (as shown in the video) and knead with soft hands. Take the mixture, make small balls of equal size, and press from the center.

Step 4: Add balls to boiling milk, cover, and cook on low flame for 12 minutes. Flip the sides, cover, and cook for 4 minutes.

Step 5: Remove balls from pan (milk) and put in serving dish. Add Condensed milk, Sabz elaichi (Green cardamom), mix and cook on low flame for 10 minutes. Pour milk on balls and garnish with Badam (Almonds).

Serve Chilled and have fun.