Bakery Style Drumsticks


  • Boiling
  • Mixing
  • Coating & Frying

Ingredients for Boiling

Murghi ki tangen (Drumsticks)5
Pani (Water)2 – 3 glasses
Namak (Salt)1/4 tsp
Pissi kali mirchain (Black pepper powder)1/2 tsp


Step 1: Add Pani (Water), Murghi ki tangen (Drumsticks), Namak (Salt), Pissi kali mirchen (Black pepper powder) in a pan. Mix, cover, and cook on low flame.

Step 2: Stir in between so that the Chicken separates from the bones. If more water is required, you can add 1/2-1 glass of water.

Step 3: After the Chicken separates from the bones, cook till the water dries.

Step 4: Separate the Chicken from the bone and discard the Soft bone. Clean the bones properly as shown in the video and set them aside.

Ingredients for Mixing

Aloo (Potatoes) [boiled and mashed]3 medium
Boiled Chicken from Drumsticks
Namak (Salt)3/4 tsp
Pissi laal mirchen (Red chilli powder)1 tsp
Garm masala powder (Whole spices powder)1/2 tsp
Cheese slice [use 3/4 tsp of red chilli powder if you want to skip cheese slice]1


Step 5: Mix all ingredients in a bowl.

Step 6: Apply the mixture to the broader end of the bone. Press it to give it the proper shape. Close the opening near the bone and ensure that there are no gaps as shown in the video.

At this stage, you can store it in the freezer for up to 3 weeks [covered]. If you are using frozen Drumsticks, remove them from the freezer 30 – 45 minutes before frying.

Ingredients for Coating

Anday (Eggs)2


Step 7: Press with hands to give proper shape.

Step 8: Dip in egg and fry in hot oil at medium to low flame till golden brown.