Maida (All purpose flour)3 cup
Pissi cheeni (Powdered sugar)6 tbs
Yeast2 tsp
Baking powder1 tsp
Ghee4 tbs
Neem garm pani (Luke warm water)for kneading
Cooking Chocolate


Step 1: Add Yeast, Maida (All purpose flour), Baking powder, and Powdered sugar, and mix. Add 3 tbsp of Ghee and mix well. Gradually add Pani (Water) and knead until the dough is formed. The dough must be soft.

Step 2: Add the remaining Ghee in the bowl and on the dough. (As shown in the video) Cover with a kitchen towel and put it in a warm place/microwave for 1½-2 hours.

Step 3: Grease the Tray with oil/ghee. Make round balls of small size and apply a little bit of oil. Press the ball to make it flat. Cover with a kitchen towel and place it in the microwave oven for half an hour for resting.

Step 4: Make holes at the center as shown in the video. Fry at medium to low flame until they are lightly golden.

Step 5: Melt Chocolate in the double boiler. Apply Chocolate on donuts when it is a little bit hot. See the video to see it in action.

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