Loaded Fries

Loaded Fries – Learn how to make this Quick French Fries recipe that can be prepared in minutes | Yum Foodz


Aloo (Potatoes)4


Mayonnaise3 tbs
Cream/Balai2 tbs
Shakker (Brown sugar)1/8 tsp
Kutti laal mirchen (Chilli flakes)1/8 tsp
Namak (Salt)1 pinch
Chat masala2-3 pinches
Sirka (Vinegar)1 tsp

Method for Loaded Fries

Step 1: Cut Aloo (Potatoes) as shown in the video.

Step 2: Fry fries in hot oil till light golden.

Step 3: Mix Mayonnaise, Cream/Balai, Shakker (Brown Sugar), Chat masala, Namak (Salt), Kutti laal mirchen (Chilli flakes), Sirka (Vinegar).

Step 4: Add a layer of fries to a serving plate, top it with prepared sauce and sprinkle Chat Masala.