Egg Sandwich


  • Anday (Eggs): 5 [boiled]
  • Shimla mirch (Capsicum): 1 small [chopped]
  • Gajjar (Carrot): 1 small [chopped]
  • Piyaz (Onion): 1 small
  • Namak (Salt): ½ tsp
  • Pissi kali mirchen (Black pepper powder): 1 tsp
  • Chilli garlic sauce: 6 tbs
  • Mayonnaise: 10 tbs


Step 1: Mash Andy (Eggs) in a bowl with the help of a fork. Add Piyaz (Onion), Gajjar (Carrot), Shimla mirch (Capsicum), Namak (Salt), Pissi kali mirchain (Black pepper powder), Chilli garlic sauce, Mayonnaise and give it a good mix.

Step 2: Cut corners of the bread. Spread egg mixture and cover it with another bread slice. Cut in triangles.

Can serve on Hi tea.