Homemade Butter and Ghee


  • Cream/Balai – approximately 2½ cup
  • Pani (Water) – as required
  • Gandum ka atta (Wheat flour) – 2 tsp

Method: [Butter preparation]

Step 1: Add Balai, Pani (Water) in a blender and blend. When the wavy movement of the mixture is formed during blending (as shown in the video), it indicates that the butter is formed. Pour the mixture into a bowl and collect Butter [as shown in the video] and remove excess water (buttermilk).

Method: [Ghee preparation]

Step 2: Add Gandum ka atta (Wheat flour) in the previously prepared Makhan (Butter), mix, and cook at medium to low flame. Stir in between. Slowly, the Ghee starts separating from the milk residue.

Step 3: When foam begins to rise, reduce the flame. Filter the Ghee as shown in the video.


During the summer season, if Cream/Balai is frozen, use tape water.

During the winter season, if Cream/Balai is frozen, use warm water. Use cold water in case the Cream/Balai is fresh.