Egg Fried Rice


Chawal (Rice)1 kg
Namak (Salt) [For boiling]4 tsp
Gajar (Carrots)2 medium
Shimla mirch (Capsicum)3 small
Band gobhi (Cabbage)1 small
Sabz piyaz (Green onion)1 cup [only green part]
Namak (Salt)1 tsp
Pissi kali mirch (Black pepper powder)1 tsp
Pissi safaid mirch (White pepper powder)¾ tsp
Soy sauce3 tbs
Knorr cube1
Lehsan (Garlic)1 tbs [crushed]
Anday (Eggs)5 [Mix with 2 pinches of yellow food colour]


Step 1: Add 2½ litres of water, Namak (Salt) to a pan. Mix, cover, and cook until water begins to boil. Add soaked rice, mix and cook until rice is 90% cooked.

Step 2: Add ¼ cup of Oil to a pan and cook Anday (Eggs) at medium flame until they become crumbled and set aside.

Step 3: Add Lehsan (Garlic) in the remaining oil and mix for 10 seconds. Add knorr cube and mix till it melts.

Step 4: Add Gajar (Carrot), Shimla mirch (Capsicum), Band gobhi (Cabbage), and mix for 20 seconds at medium flame. Add Namak (Salt), Pissi kali mirch (Black pepper powder), Pissi safaid mirch (White pepper powder), Soy sauce, and mix for 20 seconds at medium-high flame

Step 5: Add boiled Chawal (Rice), Crumbled Eggs, Sabz piyaz (Green onion), and mix well.

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